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Stephen Kwaku Darku is a highly accomplished and esteemed professional wit.h a wealth of expertise in land and property management, spanning nearly two decades in Ghana’s Land Management and Administration sector. Born in June 1982, Stephen has dedicated his career to advancing the field and has left an indelible mark as the Head of Public Affairs for the Gbawe Customary Lands Secretariat of the Land Administration Project (LAP).

In addition to his remarkable achievements in land management, Stephen has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and commitment to community service as a certified Global Networker and esteemed Senator of Junior Chamber International (JCI). Throughout his association with JCI Ghana, he has held several key positions, including Local Organization President, National Vice President, National General Secretary, and Executive Vice President. His exemplary track record culminated in his election as the National President in 2017, where he spearheaded an impactful project centered around active citizenship and volunteerism.

Under Stephen’s visionary leadership, he initiated the development of a groundbreaking National Volunteerism Strategy for Ghana, fostering collaborations with influential entities such as the Office of the Vice President, Office of the Speaker of Parliament, and Office of the Chief Justice. His close partnerships with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Youth Authority, National Volunteering Committee, and United Nations Volunteers further exemplify his dedication to mobilizing the youth and promoting volunteerism. As a testament to his success, Stephen facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between JCI Ghana and the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in December 2017, solidifying their joint commitment to encourage volunteerism and active citizenship among Ghana’s youth.

Beyond his impactful contributions in land management and community service, Stephen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has ventured into diverse industries, including agriculture, tourism, and media management. His global outlook and extensive travel experience to over 20 countries have broadened his perspective and enriched his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Stephen’s passion for education and linguistic diversity is evident through his education and training enterprise, Fran├žais Pour Tous. Through this platform, he fervently advocates for the education and promotion of the French language in Ghana, bridging cultural gaps and fostering international understanding.

Academically, Stephen holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from the prestigious University of Ghana and a degree in Marketing from the University of Cape Coast and has augmented his skill set with a certificate in Journalism from the renowned Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Stephen Kwaku Darku epitomizes the qualities of an exceptional leader, an innovative entrepreneur, and a dedicated advocate for volunteerism and active citizenship. His multifaceted accomplishments and unwavering commitment to societal development make him an influential figure in Ghana and beyond.

Stephen is married with three lovely children.