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Grace Antiyaa Ackah is a highly accomplished business professional with a diverse background in finance, sales management, and entrepreneurship. She holds a Bachelors of Commerce (Bcom) degree from the University of Cape, an MBA in Finance from the University of Ghana, and has also studied at the prestigious Berkeley University Business School.

She is married with a Son.

With a strong foundation in finance and business management, Grace has excelled in various leadership positions throughout her career. She began her journey as the Deputy Manager at Pep Ghana Ltd, where she gained valuable experience in operational management and team leadership. She then moved on to ShopRite Ghana, where she served as the Sales Manager, overseeing sales strategies and driving revenue growth for the company.

Grace’s expertise and dedication to her work led her to FM Cosmetics, where she took on the role of Country Director for Ghana and Nigeria. In this position, she played a vital role in expanding the company’s presence in both markets, implementing successful marketing and distribution strategies, and driving overall business growth.

She founded Grapa Company Ltd, where she assumed the role of CEO. Under her leadership, Grapa Company has achieved significant success and recognition in the industry.

Building upon her accomplishments, Grace also established Grapa Care International, serving as its CEO. This organization focuses on providing care and support to vulnerable communities, contributing to social welfare initiatives in Ghana and beyond.

In addition to her business ventures, Grace is actively involved in philanthropic work. She founded the Greda Foundation, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through this foundation, she supports various charitable projects and community development initiatives.

Grace’s exceptional track record and contributions extend beyond the business world. She has been recognized for her involvement in sports fundraising, having served as a member of the fundraising committee for the World Cup 2013, appointed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In 2022, her company, Grapa Company Ltd, was entrusted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to raise funds for the Black Stars in preparation for the World Cup.

Grace Antiyaa Ackah’s remarkable journey showcases her business acumen, leadership skills, and dedication to making a difference in her community. Her continued success and commitment to excellence make her a respected figure in the business and philanthropic spheres.